• Provide a smooth, low friction face to shaft collars
  • Designed for rotary applications
  • Temperature and corrosion resistant
Teflon® Thrust Washers provides a bearing surface for high thrust, low speed applications such as rotating components or pivoting robot arms. They precisely match the inside and outside diameters of their corresponding shaft collars providing a bearing surface with a low coefficient of friction. They are designed for rotary applications to prevent galling caused by direct stainless steel to stainless steel contact.

Stocked in:
  • Teflon®
Teflon® is chemically inert, non-flammable, and operates over a -450 degree to 500 degree Fahrenheit temperature range and is corrosion resistant.
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Part Number

Inside Diameter


Outside Diameter



42T98A008 N/A 0.500 in N/A PTFE N/A 1.125 in N/A 0.062 in N/A
42T98A010 N/A 0.625 in N/A PTFE N/A 1.313 in N/A 0.062 in N/A
42T98A012 N/A 0.750 in N/A PTFE N/A 1.500 in N/A 0.062 in N/A
42T98A100 N/A 1.000 in N/A PTFE N/A 1.750 in N/A 0.062 in N/A
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