• Pilot hole for machining to desired bore size and configuration
  • Can be placed anywhere on shaft
  • Customize bore size in-house to save time and cost
  • Superior holding power over set-screw type collars
Remachineable Shaft Collars are complete, except that they are supplied with a pilot hole only. They can be machined by the user to a wide range of sizes or configurations: round, threaded, square, hexagonal, etc.

These collars allow the user to same time and cost by customizing to the desired bore size in-house.

2-Piece Clamp-Type Collars can be completely disassembled and placed anywhere on a shaft. They are precision machined, non-marring, easy to adjust, with high clamping power.

Stocked in:
  • Steel
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Part Number

Pilot Hole Size

Maximum Bore Size


Outside Diameter



8L008REM N/A 0.235 in N/A 0.500 in N/A Steel N/A 1.125 in N/A 0.406 in N/A
8L010REM N/A 0.235 in N/A 0.625 in N/A Steel N/A 1.313 in N/A 0.438 in N/A
8L012REM N/A 0.360 in N/A 0.750 in N/A Steel N/A 1.500 in N/A 0.500 in N/A
8L100REM N/A 0.485 in N/A 1.000 in N/A Steel N/A 1.750 in N/A 0.500 in N/A
8L104REM N/A 0.485 in N/A 1.250 in N/A Steel N/A 2.063 in N/A 0.500 in N/A
8L109REM N/A 0.485 in N/A 1.563 in N/A Steel N/A 2.375 in N/A 0.563 in N/A
8L112REM N/A 0.485 in N/A 1.750 in N/A Steel N/A 2.750 in N/A 0.688 in N/A
8L200REM N/A 0.485 in N/A 2.000 in N/A Steel N/A 3.000 in N/A 0.688 in N/A
1 - 8 of 8 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure