• Off-the-shelf solutions for component mounting needs
  • Accu-Clamp™ feature ensures perpendicularity
  • Custom designs available


Stafford Mounting Shaft Collars include Flange Mounts with six mounting holes and a keyway plus the Accu-Clamp™ non-marring and perfectly square clamping feature for mounting a shaft, tube, or pipe to a flat surface or for attaching components to them.

Additional solutions include Accu-Mount™ collars with precision locating hubs and predrilled and tapped holes, and conventional Face Mount Clamp collars with predrilled and tapped holes.

Providing non-marring clamping for various face mounting applications, Stafford Mounting Shaft Collars are available made from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in 0.25” to 3” I.D. sizes, depending upon the part.

The Accu-Clamp™ Shaft Collars feature an integral clamp on one side while leaving the other flat and perpendicular within 0.001” TIR.

Stafford Mounting Shaft Collars are priced according to style, size and quantity. 

Modifications to standard parts and custom designs available.


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