• Remachineable Rigid Shaft Couplings One-Piece Split Clamp-Type

    • Pilot hole for machining to desired bore size and configuration.
    • Finished bore on other side protects shafts from damage
    • Customize bore size in-house to save time and cost
    • Superior holding power over set-screw type couplings
    Remachineable Couplings are complete, except that they are supplied with a precision finished bore on one side and a pilot hole only on the other. They are designed to connect two dissimilar sized shafts in virtually any combination up to a 2” bore and maintain concentricity between each half. The piloted side can be machined by the user to any size up to that of the finished bore.

    These couplings allow the user to same time and cost by customizing to the desired bore size in-house.

    Stocked in:
    • Steel

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