• Performs as a 90 Degree Clamp
  • Universal Clamp allows for attachment of three sizes of shafts
  • Black Anodized Aluminum is attractive and corrosion resistant
The Universal Positioning System Sliding Mount – Universal Clamp acts as a 90 degree clamp which allows for attachment of all three sizes of shafts; there is no need to use a different size for each shaft. Additional clamps may be attached to build the system configuration.

Stafford’s exclusive Universal Positioning System is a multipurpose mounting assembly that locates a variety of tools and components infinitely in three-dimensional space. Consisting of a series of interchangeable clamps, couplings, mounts and shafting, the Universal Positioning System is ideal for applications in manufacturing, assembly and inspection.
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Part Number

Inside Diameter


Outside Diameter

Total Length


UPS-A008SMU N/A 0.500 in N/A Aluminum N/A 1.625 in N/A 2.750 in N/A
UPS-A012SMU N/A 0.750 in N/A Aluminum N/A 1.750 in N/A 3.000 in N/A
UPS-A100SMU N/A 1.000 in N/A Aluminum N/A 2.000 in N/A 3.250 in N/A
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