• SlipKnot-Adjustable-Rope-Clamp-14415
  • Clamp-On-Wrench-14232
  • Grip-Go-Quick-Release-Handles-13844
  • Collar-Face-Accessories-13583
  • Sensor-Mount-System-240x300
  • Universal-Positioning-System-13406
  • Axial Thrust Assembly

    • Easily moves parts along shafts without damage
    • High axial force ideal for moving shrink fit and frozen parts
    • Can be placed anywhere on shaft
    • Protects face and bearing seals from damage
    The Axial Thrust Assembly is used to impart a high level of axial force to any shaft-mounted component. It comes completely apart and can be mounted anywhere along a shaft. Move anything, without damage to shaft or component, without the use of potentially damaging hammers.

    It is made up of two steel two-piece collars. One of these collars can slide freely along the shaft to push up against the component to be moved while the other clamps securely to the shaft. Simple to use, the stationary collar has four alloy thrust screws that can be tightened sequentially against the sliding collar and push the part without damaging the face or bearing seals.

    Ideal for removing shrink-fit or frozen parts, it can be infinitely repositioned along a shaft and offers from 5,000 to 8,000 lbs. thrust, depending on size.

    Stocked in Steel.

  • Threaded Hexagonal Standoffs

    • Used for mounting components or as spacers
    • Drilled and tapped on both ends
    • Available in 1” to 6” lengths
    Threaded Hexagonal Standoffs are off-the-shelf solutions for quick maintenance needs to mount components or to use as a spacer. There are six sizes in lengths from 1” to 6”.

    Stocked in:
    • Steel
    • Stainless Steel